October Artist-inResidence wrap up…


IMG_5553Four artists drove from Fes and arrived at Tissardmine with ideas and projects to fulfil. three days later a fifth arrived with her cat and the party was complete, 2 Moroccans, one Australian, an American, a Japanese and a cat from Marrakech.


For the following 24 days, they painted, wrote and drew; ate, walked and watched the stars; slept on the roof, the dune and sometimes in their rooms but only when the weather looked like rain.


They collected fossils and wrote of the stories within; one found an ancient sword shallowly buried in sand. One got lost trying to find an internet connection but her cat found the way home.








Over their time at Tissardmine, between them they completed a sculpture, a drawing, six paintings, a collection of short stories and for a finale, the artist with the cat performed a shadow play for the village children…they want more. Two pieces stay in the desert, 6 works went to Fes for an exhibition and the memory of their time here stays with all of us and all of them.