Moroccan Caravan with Jan Cornall

FEBRUARY 23 – MARCH 08 2024

Feb 23 – March 8,  2024, 15 days 14 nights. For writers and artists.  2 nights Tangier, 2 nights Chefchaouen, 2 nights Fes, 8 nights Tissardmine. Our creative adventure in the Moroccan desert will take you deep into the heart of Moroccan culture. From ancient cities to sleeping in Berber tents on a camel trek into the Saharan dunes. Daily creativity workshops and readings. Start a new project, revitalise an old one or simply capture the journey in your chosen art form.

Our Moroccan Journey

We begin our creative adventure with two nights in Tangier (morning workshops and evening readings/showings and a guided tour) taking our inspiration from the famous authors and artists who have come before us. Onto the charming town of Chefchaouen, we have two days/nights to write/sketch/paint while roaming its blue washed streets and souks. On our fifth day we travel on to the ancient city of Fes. There is never enough time (two nights, 1 and 1/2 days) to explore its fascinating markets and medinas  but this is just the teaser before we cross the low Atlas Mountains and head out to the desert.

Our destination is an artist’s retreat in the Saharan village of Tissardine 

The Workshops
Daily workshops begin in Tangier and take their inspiration from the eight pointed star, which is the base of Moroccan decorative arts, architecture and Islamic symbology.  Meditative techniques combined with image and sense explorations will take your creative explorations to new and unexpected places as the journey reveals the geographic treasures of the shifting Saharan landscape. With the Moroccan star as our map and guiding light, at the end our journey we arrive at the centre of the octagon, which in Sufi beliefs represents wholeness and perfection.  As we pack our bags for our return we can be sure the profound knowledge and newfound discoveries of our adventure will be useful in our creative projects for years to come.

Includes: transport, accom and all breakfasts Tangier, Chefchaouen, Fes, all meals and bottled water at Tissardmine.

Does not include: lunches and dinners days before Tissardmine, international airfares, travel insurance, alcohol, personal extras.

Comments from past Moroccan Caravan adventurers.

Deborah May said…

I came to birth my book, I wanted assistance in turning it from a bunch of thoughts, ideas, snippets, into something of substance form life. I found validation for my story, affirmation for my idea, an evolving structure, stimulation of senses and challenges ahead. I take home a much richer, sensate textured structure, form content, 10,000words, goals and confidence. Highlights —the workshops, feedback, listening to and reading stories, Tissardmine space, silence poetry, images from the desert dunes.

Shari Kocher said…

I came to be inspired while writing in the desert, to be held in a sacred space, and to be led by an experienced guide so I could surrender to writing and let someone else take care of the travel details.I found the power of Tissardmine and Erg Chebbi to hold and draw the spirit to the surface. I take home 5 new poems and a journal full of notes and exercises. My highlights —the first hammam in Marrakech, Tissardmine, the oases, the camel trek, the Karen led Rissani day, the drums and group work at Tissardmine, the Tissardmine adobe terrace, Julio’s garden, Berber vegetables, Youssef and the crew.

Felicia Finlayson said…

I came to see Morocco, its people and culture, to be inspired to create a body of art work inspired by writing.I found an interesting colourful, multifaceted community. I enjoyed talking to locals and experiencing local life at Sefrou. I take home an idea for a body of art based on secrets within us. My highlights — Café Tissardmine offered a unique Saharan experience. I enjoyed Fes and it was interesting to experience Sefrou – a typical Moroccan town. The workshops were excellent, whilst I am mainly and artist I found the workshops crossed well into art making and I enjoyed the exercises and meditations to open creativity. See Felicia’s words and paintings here.

Biff Ward said:

“I had very few expectations – just very glad that this was being organised for me, trusting Jan to organise something really good.The reality was fabulous! I thought Fez was extraordinary but as we drove from Erfoud to Tissardmine, I was utterly overwhelmed with excitement, with seeing how Wild and Far-out (literally) it was. I kept saying to Jan – I had no idea! You’ve really done it!I trusted Jan to take me somewhere new and different, so did not research, just went with the flow. Lo & behold, the wonders of Riad Rcif (Fes accom), the hammam (Moroccan baths) experience, then the desert, Berber people with their wisdom & laughter & generosity. Dozens of ‘aha’ moments every day. Plus a great writing workshop.

So ever since we’ve arrived, I have simply been taken up by the experience – Tissardmine, the dunes, the camp, the food, the trip away, the camels! Karen, & the staff. And also our writing – like a double-whammy of in-the-present-moment pleasure/bliss.

Financially – good value re travel & writing.

Creatively – Yes! I really moved along with my next book. (Biff signed with Allen & Unwin not long after our return).

Culturally – fabulous learning and experiencing. Conversation as I walked with Kersch beside the camels was the best!”

Meme Thorne said:

The writing exercises pushed me into terrain I was unfamiliar with, therefore taught me valuable lessons in crafting and organising my material. Group mentoring also worked well for me with feedback and support. Absolutely financially worthwhile! This has been a major investment for me in term of my personal life and writing a new performance work. The atmosphere and the people all made huge contributions. Expected exotic people, food, décor, cultural and social activities outside the norm. I was not disappointed.The most luxurious camping trip I’ve ever been lucky enough to experience. The 2 nights in the dunes of Erg Chebbi are indelibly etched in my mind & my heart Salaam Aleykum!”

 Verity Laughton said:

“The structured activities were (a) wonderful in themselves; (b) excellent in terms of shifting one into a new creative zone. Writing activities were great for me. I loved all of the workshop activities. They all help and Jan is an excellent and innovative tutor. It has been extremely helpful for me in terms of getting the hang of this strange beast I’m working on. What worked best? Hard to say. I loved the diagrams & the meditations/visualisations. I would recommend Café Tissardmine to friends as a holiday destination but especially as a writing retreat. When the emphasis is on work then the occasional discomforts become pluses rather than minuses.A place to dream in, be in, learn about and to evolve your new dreams. Erg Chebbi at sunset is a gift to the mind and spirit.”







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