April/May News

Where did the time go? The desert days are stretching out but time seems to still race away.  With all the comings and goings of the incredibly talented people who have visited our place, we have been super busy and blessed…

BOTSO becomes SOTSO. The Brunswick Old Timers String Orchestra came up with a crazy idea of bringing their work to the desert for a week so forming the Sahara Old timers String Orchestra. So from early morning through to late at night (with an occasional siesta due to the unseasonal soaring temperatures), we played our music, learned new songs, jammed with boys on the berber drums trying to find a way in and for the two styles to blend and ended up in Fes doing random flash mobbing around the Mdina…it was quite a week and one I hope will be recreated next year. I was too busy to take many photos but here are a couple of shots

IMG_2690 IMG_2700


Roam like Queens…once again, the extraordinary Colleen Cassar brought a group of intrepid women from Australia to our corner of the world, just for a couple of nights, to experience the vast desert, ride a camel into the sunset and camp in the giant dune. Too too short a time! The day they were with us, a huge sandstorm decided to join in the fun so for the afternoon we had SOTSO playing and the queens drawing and sketching in the salon…such a good way to spend a windy afternoon.

Tissardmine Association. Work has begun on the new community centre, everyone joining in with the work. This will be a place for village meetings and occasional activities such as classes and clinics and eventually a community garden.



The future…

Writing retreats 2014: see these pages on our retreats for this Autumn with Linda Cracknell  October 24 – November 02 and Jan Cornall November 06 – 19


Dates for 2014

  • September 22 – October 17
  • November 22 – December 18

Dates for 2015

  • January 13 – February 10
  • February 23 – March 22
  • April 20 – May 17
  • September 18 – November 13 The Weight Of Mountains
  • December 07 – 20